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Track your daily water intake with WaterMinder.

Achieve your hydration goals with our water tracking app!

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The all-around water tracker app that helps you stay hydrated all day, every day!

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waterminder hydration tracking current hydration feature drinks tracking

Track your hydration progress and log water intake on your Apple Watch too!

You don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket to use WaterMinder to help you stay hydrated. You can log drinks directly from your wrist, receive reminders for when you need to hydrate, get water intake on apple watch now.

You can also see your achievements and two-week hydration history, plus you can customize the Home Screen layouts and choose from a range of complications, helping to keep you motivated while you track water!

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Create Healthy Habits

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, WaterMinder can help you make healthy hydration a habit. Remember, it only takes 21 days to create a healthy hydration habit!

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waterminder history feature waterminder history feature

Track Your Progress,
Achieve Hydration Goals

WaterMinder makes it quick and easy to set your water intake goals and then track your daily water intake progress. You can also view previous dates with a simple tap.

Earn Achievements, Enhance Motivation

Get some hydration motivation by collecting WaterMinder badges and achievements, then share your success with friends for additional support with tracking your hydration.

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Water intake goals meature Water intake goals

Easy to Use – Drink, Tap, Repeat

Staying hydrated every day is easy with water reminder app - WaterMinder. You'll get a reminder to have a drink. Drink then tap to log the drink in the app. Repeat and stay hydrated!

Rich Customizations for Optimized Hydration

You can customize WaterMinder to create a truly personalized experience. Customizations include different Home Screen layouts, daily goals, cup sizes, notifications, and more!

app hydration feature Daily cup intake
hydration remainder waterminder remainder feature WATCH REMAINDER

Smart Reminders Tailored to You

WaterMinder lets you set up water reminder that fit in with your daily schedule, helping you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Log What You Drink, When You Drink

While there are some drinks that are healthier than others, everything you drink contributes to your hydration. Log all your drinks in WaterMinder to see your hydration summary.

waterminder feature Track tea intake
track caffein intake waterminder edit feature

Cups, Cups, and Customized Cups

The Cups in WaterMinder make it super simple to log your water intake. There are pre-set cups, and you can create your own to match what is in your kitchen.

Track Your Caffeine Intake Too

Stay on top of how much caffeine you drink every day with WaterMinder's caffeine tracking feature. Simply log what you drink and check your results.

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waterminder caffeine feature
hydration progress feature hydration progress feature dark screen

Share for Extra Support and Motivation

You can share your hydration progress so your family or friends can see what you’ve achieved and provide you with additional support and motivation. Start the water challenge!

One App, All Devices

WaterMinder is a universal iOS app, so it will synchronize and work across all your Apple devices.

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Water intake calculator app for watch Water intake calculator for phone Water intake calculator fro mac Water intake calculator fro tablet




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WaterMinder App is Packed With Features

Explore WaterMinder's other great features that will help you meet your daily hydration goal.
The best water tracker app!

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Light and Dark modes

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hydration widget icon

Hydration Widgets

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Siri Shortcuts

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HealthKit Integration

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apple health sync feature
Blue theme

Blue theme

Blue theme
Colorful Characters

Colorful characters

Colorful Characters Colorful Characters
Animal Characters

Animal characters

Animal Characters Animal Characters
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Adjust Water Goal to Weather

weather feature Teemprature feature
editweather waterminder feature
water complication icons

Water Complications

water complication feature
hydration streaks icon

Hydration Streaks

hydration measurement hydration streaks feature
full personalisation icon

Full Personalization

features of waterminder waterminder fullpersonalisation feature
progress ring layout

Progress Ring Layout

Current hydration status current hydration feature
custom other drinkes icon

Custom Other Drink Types

drink tracker in waterminder custom other drink types
waterminder history log

History Log

All logs of hydration - white screen All logs of hydration
waterminder accessbile feature


more water tracker features more water tracker features dark
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Custom Sounds

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quick app actions

Quick App Actions

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haptic touch

Haptic Touch

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Most frequently asked questions by users

How do you add WaterMinder widgets to your home screen?

Adding WaterMinder widgets to your home screen will help you track your water intake and log it without even opening the app. It can be added to the home screen by tapping and holding on the home screen. Tap the + symbol. In the search box, start typing WaterMinder. Tap on the option for WaterMinder. Here is a detailed guide for adding the widget.

How do you add Siri shortcuts for the WaterMinder App?

Siri Shortcuts are available in iOS 12 or later. This feature will allow you to quickly log your water intake, check your current hydration, or reach your remaining goal - simply by asking Siri. You can Go to WaterMinder > Settings > Siri Shortcuts and choose the shortcuts you want to add. Here is a step by step guide for adding Siri Shortcuts.

How do you customize existing cups in WaterMinder?

In WaterMinder, there are two types of cups available, Default cups and custom cups. You can edit the settings for the default cup and also add new cups. You can go to the settings menu and edit the default cup. You can also add a new cup by clicking on the A?a??A?plusA?a??A? button. For more details, click here.

How hydrating are drinks other than water?

The water content in our bodies is more than 75%. Water is the most effective source of hydration. There are other drinks too, like juices, smoothies, tea, coffee, etc., that can contribute to hydration. But the impact of plain water is the highest. Check out this descriptive blog that explains the hydration impact of different drinks on our bodies.

Can you install the WaterMinder app on the Apple Watch?

Yes, you can install the WaterMinderApp on the Apple Watch by going to the Watch app on your phone and downloading it from there. If you have already downloaded it on your phone, you can sync it with your watch. Check out our detailed guide here. here.

How do I recover lost data from the WaterMinder app after an update?

After an update, it might happen that you lose the data and can't access the history. This happens due to sync issues with iCloud. You can go to Settings>iCloud>iCloud Drive. Turn on the button for the WaterMinder. For more details, visit here.

What Are Activity Levels, and How Do They Work?

The WaterMinder calculates your water intake on the basis of your activity level. There are four options in the Activity level menu- Sedentary, Lightly Active, Moderately Active and Very Active. You can choose the most convenient option by going to the profile menu. Check out the detailed guide here.

Can I log in the water intake using the Apple Watch Siri watch face?

You can now log in to the water intake using the Siri Cards on the Apple Watch. WaterMinder cards will suggest logging your favorite drink right from the Siri watch face. The suggestion cards will appear around the reminder times set in your app. Check out the steps here.

What do I do when the WaterMinder app is stuck on "Please set up your profile screen" on the Apple Watch?

In this situation, you should remove the app from your phone and watch. Restart the devices and reinstall the application on both devices. Then open the app on both of them, the starting screen will appear. Check out our guide here.

Can I modify the default cup sizes?

Yes, you can modify the default cups by clicking on them in the Settings menu. Tap on the cup and change the settings according to your preference.For a step by step process, click here.

How do I add drink intake to the previous days?

You can add the water intake for the previous day by tapping on the history icon at the bottom of the home screen. Check out the detailed guide here.

How do I delete the incorrect logs?

You can delete the incorrect log by two ways-

  • You can either go to the history section and delete it.
  • When you log your water intake, a message flashes on the screen that says "Shake To Undo". If you shake your device, the drink you have just entered will be removed.
Why am I not getting reminders from the app?

You might not be receiving the reminders from the app due to various reasons. There are four main things that stop the WaterMinder app from sending you reminders:

  • You have already reached your daily Water Intake Goal
  • Reminders are switched off
  • Your reminder type settings
  • Weekday settings

Here is a detailed guide to how you can solve these issues and continue receiving notifications.

How do reminders work?

The main purpose of the WaterMinder app is to give you regular reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day. There are different types of reminders that are available in the application. Learn in detail about the reminders here.

How do I change my daily water intake Goal?

The WaterMinder app assigns a default daily Water Intake Goal for you based on your weight. But that does not take into account other factors, like whether you are in a hot climate, are very active, or are pregnant. It is therefore possible to change the Water Intake Goal to suit your environment, lifestyle, and what your body is telling you. Check out the detailed process here.

Does coffee or tea count towards my daily goal?

Yes, it counts towards your daily intake goal. Despite water being the best source of hydration, coffee or tea are also sources of hydration as they contain water. Check out how they impact your hydration levels.

How much water should I drink?

The minimum water intake for every individual should be around 8 glasses every day. The ideal water intake ranges around 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women. It further depends on your body, and you should consult your doctor for a precise quantity. For more details, visit here.

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